Work Life Balance

In recent conversations I’ve been reminded of the importance of work/life balance. In the United States, and to some extent, Canada, we tend to put value on hard work, production, and prosperity. You may have those you work with that don’t place the same value on these things however. That’s not to say that they aren’t just as productive, don’t work hard, or aren’t prosperous. They certainly may be all of these things – they just don’t make these things a priority all of the time. I point this out because it comes into play when creating incentives, motivating others, and creating a work environment that leads to high levels of customer satisfaction and employee retention. Balance in life is important for everyone no matter how you feel about “getting ahead”. You may be someone who has a higher tolerance for working long hours, weekends, or late nights. You may also be someone who doesn’t mind putting in an honest day’s work, but when the day is over – it’s your time! As an organization, manager, owner, or even co-worker there is a need to recognize that there is nothing wrong with someone not always giving the extra time. The other things in our lives – family, friends, church, hobbies, etc. bring a mental break to a busy work schedule. Just as there has been recent research that shows taking a 10 minute break every 50 minutes during the day increased an individual’s production considerably, the same is true of engaging in activities outside of work. A balanced life that includes work, family, friends, and any other “downtime” is critical to maintaining high levels of production, customer satisfaction, and employee retention.

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