The power of networking

One lesson that I learned a long time ago, which gets reinforced weekly, if not daily, is that it isn’t what you know, but who you know. Certainly what you know has something to do with success in life and business, but when it comes right down to growth in either category your network is more powerful than your knowledge. I encourage the businesses that I work with daily to actively work to expand their network. Join organizations with which you have something in common. Join a group that shares a similar interest, business or personal. You never know who you’ll meet! You might become friends with someone who owns a large fleet of trucks that could become your next major account. You might gain business just because a certain group of people knows you share their interest and therefore they automatically trust you when it comes to automotive repair.

Your network can also lend valuable advice. Growing your sales skills by talking with sales professionals from other industries is something I encourage. Got a marketing challenge? There may be someone in your network that’s already been there and done that. Go ask! Need to purchase equipment, computers, or some other capital item? There’s probably someone in your network that sells those things…and will be “more honest” with you during the process! Nobody knows it all, nor can they. The bigger your network, the more people you meet, the more opportunity you will have to learn and to grow.

Go join some networks and plan to attend at least one event quarterly!

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