Selling to the price shopper

Why do I actually like price shoppers? Because at the very least, unlike other customers, they are in the buying process. They’ve already established a need recognition for something I sell. As a sales person I don’t need to now convince them that they really do need something – often the toughest part of selling in the automotive industry. Instead, I need to work on building value.

How do I build value with someone who is just looking for the lowest price you might wonder? I begin by getting past why they are asking for a price. Often customers will ask for a price because they don’t know where else to start. They don’t know a whole lot about their automobile, what their options are for repair, or even what a fair price is. They are operating from a place of disadvantage and thus fall back on the one thing that makes sense to them. What’s it gonna cost?

We can get around someone who has settled on a position of “what’s the price” by working with them to understand what they need and what they might value in a transaction. I make the point in the “Selling to Price Shoppers” VILT that sometimes customers are asking for price because the vehicle has little value to them. They may be trying to sell it, only use it for a few months each year, or are about to get rid of it. Knowing this helps you understand how to better help them. If you can help them acquire the lowest price for a vehicle with low value to the customer, you may also win the other business they have sitting in their driveway.

Begin your sales conversation with “I can certainly give you a price. Do you mind if I ask you a couple of questions so that I better understand exactly what you need a price on?”

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