Price Shoppers

Everyone in the automotive repair industry would tell me they hate price shoppers. When I ask why I’m always told that price shoppers represent someone who just wants the lowest price and then usually wants something for nothing once they get the lowest price. Using this definition I can see why nobody wants to deal with price shoppers. What I don’t understand is how price shoppers are any different than the rest of us though? Don’t you shop price? Do you never look at a price tag because you don’t care how much it is? If you went to buy a new washing machine would you just walk into a store, find the one with the latest technology, guaranteed to clean your clothes the best and carry it to the check out? I doubt it!

The good thing about price shoppers is that they are in the buying process. There aren’t too many people shopping for automotive service and repair who are just wondering what something will cost in case they need it done someday. Virtually every price shopper has identified a need for a service or repair and therefore are in the buying process.

The other good thing about price shoppers is that many of them are just trying to figure out if the price they were given was in line with what other shops charge. You can gain customers by playing their game.

Here’s how you can play their game: “I’d be happy to give you a price on replacing your front pads and rotors. If it is determined by our expert technicians after performing a brake inspection that you only need to replace the pads and rotors it will cost $XYZ. Of course that work is backed by our “ABC Warranty”. If the expert that looks at your vehicle determines that there is an underlying cause for premature brake wear we will provide you a more accurate estimate at the time of the brake inspection. When would you like to bring your vehicle by for the brake inspection?”

Try it! You just might gain some great customers!

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