Your shop workflow

Take a minute and think about how work moves in and out of your repair shop. Everyone has some sort of process they follow, but have you ever taken a look at your process? How efficient is it? How effective is it? Have you let time and habit dictate how the work flows through your facility?

As a repair shop that is in business to make money, you want the movement of work to be as efficient as possible. There are all kinds of things that get in the way of efficiency in a repair shop. Everything from shop floor cleanliness to miscommunication can slow the workflow down.

Take a few minutes and observe how far technicians need to walk to get a vehicle or needed supplies and equipment. Observe how efficient they seem to be when doing their work. Is there a lot of wasted movement? Are they duplicating efforts? Walking to get tools?

Also consider how good your quality control process is. Who is responsible? Is is consistent? Are you getting customer referrals? If you’re not getting referrals you’d better take a good look at your quality!

Consider implementing the ACTS Model of Shop Workflow presented during the VILT program: Repair Shop Workflow. I promise it will increase your revenue, customer happiness, and reduce your stress!

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