The Little Things

I made an observation not long ago that it’s often the little things that hang us up. I noticed recently at home that if the cupboard was empty of drinking glasses, the kids wouldn’t drink. If there were drinking glasses readily available they were constantly drinking. Having a glass of water at your desk almost ensures you will drink water all day, but what happens if you don’t have that glass or bottle there? Do you make the effort to go get one? Sometimes…but not always. Vehicle inspection forms are another example. Technicians may not fill them out completely, or well, if the form doesn’t really pertain to what they see on today’s automobile. Sometimes changing the little things can make a big difference! See what you can do to change one of those little things around the shop today that might make a big difference. Fix that broken caster. Put new batteries in that remote. Re-paint that wall. Just take care of it and see what the difference is!

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