I wanted to make an observation. Too many shops join a banner program such as TECHNET only for the discount on parts. Yes, this is an obvious reason to join such a program, but it is far from the only reason. There are many, many other incredible benefits a shop can receive from a program such as TECHNET. Of course, these are only benefits if they get used. Here’s an example of TECHNET benefits that have great value to repair shops:


Free Monthly Virtual Training

National Promotions

Nationwide Warranty

Roadside Assistance

Road Hazard

Signage Program

Training and Certification System

Service Sales Academy

Virtual Vehicle

CarCareOne Consumer Financing

Website solutions – Autoshop Solutions


Referral system – Demandforce



And the above listed are only some of the available benefits. See the Essentials Guide at: for even more.

Now, certainly you can find your own resources for promotions, marketing, websites, etc. but having well vetted resources, often available with discounts is a great time and energy saver! Another reason to join a banner program, and utilize as many of the benefits as possible, is to take advantage of branding opportunities. If you are a single location repair shop, there is a high likelihood that you don’t have brand. Using the TECHNET brand helps to build credibility and recognition that you are a part of something bigger. One last benefit of joining a program such as TECHNET is the learning that can go on within the TECHNET Council groups. These are groups of local TECHNET shops that meet on a regular basis to discuss program benefits and use, business best practices, attend instructor led training courses, as well as discuss other cooperation opportunities.

TECHNET provides many more opportunities to grow and improve your business over and above just a discount on parts. Ask your ADVANCE representative today how else TECHNET can help you grow your business!

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