Sustainability synopsis

The past four posts have been about developing your sense of organizational sustainability. I wanted to take this post and provide a synopsis of the ideas presented that can help your organization increase its overall sustainability. Remember, sustainability is the interconnectedness of your finances, the environment, and the way you conduct business. Listed next are some steps to take to increase sustainability in three key areas.

Financial Sustainability

  • Focus technicians on their productivity.
  • Focus service advisors on selling skills and consistent customer satisfaction practices.
  • Develop budgeting practices that help keep an eye on expenses.

Environmental Sustainability

  • Have an energy audit performed by your local utility company.
  • Pay attention to electricity and water usage. Reducing both helps reduce overhead expense.
  • Market to your customers what you do to help protect the environment, reduce natural resource consumption or prevent pollution.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • Post your code of business ethics in the waiting room and on your website.
  • Plan two community service events this coming year – one in the spring and one in the fall.
  • Get involved in a local organization that your employees can support and donate their time once each month (or once each quarter).

Even doing the little things can lead you to higher levels of sustainability and help ensure that you not only survive in business but thrive.

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