If there is one thing I encourage every shop to focus it would be quality. I often suggest that if you don’t have quality, then you don’t have anything. You don’t need more car count if you have quality. You don’t need to spend marketing dollars if you have quality. You have some of the employee challenges that plague other shops if you have quality. Habits associated with producing quality work trickle into every aspect of your business. When you have quality you will also have word-of-mouth. Quality though is something that can never be taken for granted. Quality must be focused on from the time you open in the morning until the last person leaves for the day. It should be a formal process with each person along the way responsible for quality. Service advisors must ask good questions and collect good information. Technicians must do a quality job diagnosing, repairing, and servicing. The last person to touch the vehicle at the shop must make sure there is no obvious signs of recent service other than new parts and a clean interior and exterior. Your technicians should sign off on the quality job they did and then have the work checked by a second set of eyes who also sign off on the work. Creating a formal quality control process and having individuals sign off that it has been quality checked will create work habits that translate to more customers, higher revenue, and a pleasant work environment.


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