Promoting from within

I was reminded recently that sometimes when we look to fill a position that we often discount the resources we already have in house. A shop I was working with wanted to hire a service manager. They already employed two advisors, a receptionist, and five technicians. The owner had always managed but was in a position where he needed to focus on other areas in order to grow the business. The decision was made to create a service manager position and hire someone from outside to fill it. When it came up in discussion it was pointed out that the learning curve might be shorter if the shop hired from within to fill the position. On first look the answer was ‘no way’! The only person who might be in line for the position works hard, but doesn’t always get along with everyone, can be moody, and too good of a salesperson. Okay, but do you want an outsider to come in, change the way you’re doing things, have a longer learning curve, and maybe work out…or maybe not work out? The lesson here was that the individual was promoted to the new position and almost immediately excelled at it. It gave him a new energy, a new focus, and new incentive to grow. Just because a person performs, or acts, in a certain manner doesn’t mean that they are not suited for another position. Does it always work out? No. Certainly not. Yet, you’d be surprised at how many times it does work out. In this case, not only did this person excel, but within days a new service advisor approached the shop on his own looking for a job at a quality repair shop. Sometimes, when you give it a chance, things just work out! Try promoting from within when creating a new position, before looking outside. Allowing people to grow, and see a path to growth, will increase employee retention and ultimately create a more sustainable business.

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