Job title cautions

I think it’s time to put this out there. Titles don’t mean anything. Just because you want to have someone act as a “service manager”, “general manager”, or any other manager, doesn’t mean that assigning a title to a person gets the job done. Again, and again, I enter a shop where there is an employee who has been given a title, but not the responsibility. During my observation I may see two service advisors, a receptionist, maintenance person, and 6 technicians. A week into the observation I’ll find out that so-and-so is actually the ‘service manager’. When asked why this person is the ‘service manager’ I’ll often be told “because I felt like I needed one when I was gone”. Many times this means someone was given a job description, pay plan, and title, but no authority, decision making ability, or specific responsibility. Most of the time all of this was bestowed upon the wrong person as well! Once this happens, when growth does happen, and a manager is truly needed the challenge is now removing that person’s title without hurt feelings or the creation of a disgruntled employee. Never, ever, give someone a job title without a formal job description, formal responsibilities and accountabilities, authority commensurate with the position….and interviewing them for the job! Trust me, you’ll be doing yourself a favor.

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