Improving Your Sales Skills

I meet people every day that tell me they want to improve their selling skills. I hear “I’m not good selling”. Or “I wish I could sell better”. Even “I don’t like selling”. Some have sales goals associated with their pay structure. Some are brand new to the automotive service industry. Some are former technicians who have moved to the counter for various reasons. Every one of them can learn to sell better.

I also meet people who are “born to sell”. People who I’m told are “selling machines”. I even meet some who tell me they used to be awful at selling until they realized it was actually pretty easy. What separates these two groups? What is it that those who used to be “awful” suddenly discovered that made them great?

The advice I give up-and-coming sales professionals is this: “Stop trying to sell”. Just be yourself. Present the information and let the customer decide. Too often people think of selling as the act of convincing someone they need something rather than as a relationship. Selling is nothing more than relationship building. If you trust me as a person, trust my knowledge on a subject, and respect my opinion – I have you sold! Ultimately successful selling comes down to trust doesn’t it? Think about how you respond when a well-known friend calls you for advice on their car. They usually do what you suggest because of the previously stated point regarding trust don’t they?

Trust is built in our industry by not only positioning yourself as the expert, but by putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. Remembering what it’s like to be a customer, thinking like an automotive service customer, and talking to each customer like they were a friend.

You don’t have to go out of your way to convince people you’re trustworthy. Provide straight information, give the customer the time that they need to get questions answered, and ask them for the sale! Follow those three steps and you’ll get better and better at selling each day!

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