Implementing Your Ideas

Change is neither easy, nor comfortable for humans in general. We all struggle with implementation of ideas or changes. Maybe you’re a service advisor who doesn’t feel like you have the power to initiate ideas or change. Possibly you’re a shop owner who has lots of ideas but always seem to fall short when it comes to making change happen. Does the shop as a whole fail to implement new processes or ideas? If so, you are certainly not alone.

To me, the biggest stumbling block to implementing ideas is just getting started. Individuals won’t always struggle with this as much as groups do. Individuals aren’t as bogged down by trying to gain consensus or ensuring that every stakeholder has had fair input. Individuals only have themselves to blame if things don’t do well, or if the change doesn’t stick.

Groups struggle to get started often because there is a dissenting voice, or a fear that not everyone will be onboard. Sometimes leadership worries about how they will gain support from key stakeholders even though they already know that the new direction is needed and is beneficial to everyone involved. Other times those that wish to implement new processes know what they want to have happen, but don’t necessarily know what steps to take.

Part of my daily job is to implement change in repair shops all over North America. I can tell you that often these fears are misplaced. Most of the time just starting the change, implementing the new process, or beginning the journey toward needed change is all that needs to happen. The group will figure out along the way what is working and what isn’t. They’ll figure out what steps are needed or which tools should be developed. They will also figure out whether the changes implemented were good for the organization and individuals or not.

As long as you have solid communication in terms of the desired end result, just getting started will take you where you want to go. If you feel like a certain change will never happen – try just doing it! You just may be surprised at the result and grateful you did!

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