Do you have habits you’d like to break? Are your technicians stuck in old habits that just don’t work for business anymore? Maybe you even have customers who have fallen in some habits that aren’t conducive to great business. Have you ever thought about what goes into a habit? I’ve been reading a bit on habits lately after observing that much of what I do in my consulting work is changing people’s habits. What I’ve learned is that habits are made up of a cue, routine, and reward. Every habit, every time. Want to change a habit? Change one of these key components. Of course the easiest of the three to change, assuming you recognize the cue and reward, is the routine. The next time you see someone engaged in a habit at work try and identify the cue, routine, reward cycle. Once you are sure you’ve got the cycle identified, think about what can be done to change one of those three key components.


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