It’s been a while since I’ve written and I promise to get better about it! I’ve been busy working with shops to improve their productivity, profit margins, customer satisfaction, and overall operation. Something I’ve observed in recent weeks is the focus on what cannot be changed. The industry as a whole seems to want to focus on those things we don’t have. I suppose it may be only human to do so, however it doesn’t do your organization any good! The best thing you can do is focus on those things you have control over. If you cannot seem to find a qualified technician, instead focus on becoming the shop in town that everyone wants to come work at. Build your reputation for quality work by implementing a quality control process. Create a compensation plan second to none. Take your current employees on an outing or team building event. Focus on the customer experience and the work environment. Remember, nothing in the automotive industry, or in life for that matter, functions in isolation. Everything is connected. Build a strong, quality organization from the inside out and you will attract quality employees and customers.

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